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Skylar Kingsley

Skylar lives with her active duty Marine Corps husband and three children on the beautiful island of Okinawa in Japan. She has been pushing the limits in life since childhood. In high school, she was a young female wrestler on an all-boys team. She earned a black belt in Jujitsu and has a competed in bodybuilding. Though she went to law school, Skylar’s passion is writing romance novels. Originally from Nevada, she has been enjoying the adventures of military family life while stationed in Asia. Skylar can often be found watching her children play sports, practicing with her roller derby team or writing and reading during early morning hours. Her most cherished moments occur while watching her girls write their own stories next to her as she eagerly types out the latest chapter in the Orion Protection Series.

Debut Novel: Released on August 31, 2019.

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"Captured" is the story of Logan, a former Marine who is given a job by his close friend John (and former brother in arms) as a high-end bodyguard with Orion Protection Service (OPS). When John's secret attempt to rescue a group of girls abducted by a Mexican cartel is uncovered, he sends Logan to keep the cartel from abducting his sister Cadie in retaliation. Logan's normally stoic disposition is rattled by his intense feeling for Cadie as he struggles to keep her safe and not break the trust of her brother. Cadie has always distanced herself from her brother's business. But when Logan takes her to the Tavern, a place where the men of OPS are treated like military royalty, she finds acceptance amongst her new family. Now she’s torn between going back to her old life and being with Logan, a man unlike any man she's ever known, all while being hunted by a gang her brother has enraged. Cadie finds herself between action-packed and romantic scenes that get the heart racing throughout the story.